Open Library

Open Library is a self-operated solution that makes it possible to extend the library’s normal opening hours. It is a complement to the existing manned hours, in which users can still receive the necessary help and guidance. In short, it is a service for users who can now access the library’s facilities when it suits ...

Self-service units

P.V.Supa provides check-in and check-out units based on specific customer needs. Security systems in these units can either be EM, RFID or a combination of the two, called ...

Libretto Compact

The Libretto automated material handling system by P.V.Supa is an advanced application with which to build your optimum branch and centralized material handling system. ...


P.V.Supa develops library specific easy-to-use and easy-on-the-eye RFID applications with superior performance making them a comfortable choice for you ...


P.V. Supa develops and produces high value added self-service applications for libraries and offers complementary products and services.

The new self-service technology that P.V.Supa provides will form an essential element of their ongoing efforts to improve and develop the services offered to all customers.

P.V.Supa aims to be a strategic partner with their customers and partners. P.V.Supa develops self-check applications for their customers’ existing platform technology. By focusing on selected business and R&D projects in which a company can achieve superior expertise P.V.Supa offer highly significant added-value to their customers.


P.V.Supa offers a wide range of products, accessories and software for library automatization.

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