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Libretto Compact | P.V. SUPA

Libretto Compact

The most space saving and efficient sorter available

The Libretto Compact is the most space saving and efficient sorter available. It has been specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of a modern library, and to help the library staff free their resources for other tasks than sorting returned material.

In addition to being extremely efficient, the Compact is also cost-efficient allowing even smaller libraries to gain the benefit of an automated sorter.
The design of the sorter is stylish and amazingly small, allowing installation in just about any library, regardless of available space.

The Libretto Compact’s low power consumption, superior efficiency and ease of implementation will bring significant benefits for the library and its customers. The Libretto Compact’s very small footprint serves small and large libraries space requirements.

The Libretto Compact can be installed to public area or behind staff circulation desks or separate room.
The Libretto Compact can be easily extended by adding extra sorting modules. Each sorting module gives two extra sorting positions. Libretto Compact is controlled and administrated by Libretto 2 software, It is scalable for the libraries future sorting and returning needs.

Libretto Compact uses Libretto 2 software as user interface. The Libretto 2 uses the newest technology in Microsoft compatible platforms. This gives new dimensions in the software versatility and features which offers a long lifetime using Libretto 2 in the library. The Libretto 2 software has all the features required by today’s market.

Libretto 2 software has a centralized management system, which allows the settings of each device to be controlled from a staff station or any other computer. A reporting tool is also included, which can be used on any computer to generate statistics reports of any sorter.

The software supports all the Windows Unicode languages. Four different languages can be used simultaneously. Libretto Compact supports remote management. P.V. Supa Oy’s automated return units finishing is guaranteed by using high quality materials and hi-tech equipment.

P.V. Supa Oy’s automated return units are fully compatible with most common library management systems. Libretto Compact is also compatible with different item identification and security systems.

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