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Open Library

Open Library – A self-service

open-libraryOpen Library is a self-operated solution that makes it possible to extend the library’s normal opening hours. It is a complement to the existing manned hours, in which users can still receive the necessary help and guidance. In short, it is a service for users who can now access the library’s facilities when it suits them!


A unique and user-friendly solution

Open Library consists of several components customtailored to your wishes and needs, in close dialogue.

As standard, our solution includes:
• An entrance computer where the users let themselves in by using their health insurance card or library card and personal PIN.
• Intelligent video surveillance.
• Software that ensures automatic
• Alarm control, door locks, lights, sound and PCs in the library.
• An user-friendly administration system that is easy to use by the library staff.


Underlying advanced management system

Specially developed technology controls all components of the Open Library via the SOL server. The sophisticated management system enables the automatic opening and closing of the library. We can also integrate the SOL server in your library system and use information from the existing user database. This provides greater security and access control to the self-operated library.


Access control with communication options

Custom-designed entrance computer identifies and registers the users upon arrival at the library. The users enter their PIN on the computer’s touch-screen after inserting their health insurance card in the card reader. On the touch-screen, the library has the opportunity to communicate about their opening hours, display the registered user-name and inform of any reason for rejection.


Monitoring for a safer library

Camera surveillance as a part of the solution. This provides safety for the users and protects the library against theft and vandalism during the self-operated
opening hours.


Gain full control with the management package

Using Cordura’s management application you can easily manage your Open Library. Through the system you can access and edit your Open Library data including the opening hours, surveillance images, event log and much more. The management application ensures you full control of the Open Library and all events in the unmanned opening hours.


Statistics module and management features

The management package contains several features that provide overview and insight into your Open Library. Amongst others, you’ll get a statistics module from where you can extract data concerning the number of visitors at the library based on age, gender and time interval. You’ll get a PC-module from where you’ll be able to automatically manage the library’s computers. And many more.

Cordura’s management features will continually be expanded as a part of our service.

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