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LibCabinet | P.V. SUPA


Compact  library for check out and check in

With the LibCabinet you now can have your own small library on location. Your customers can have access to your books 24/7. With a combined check in and checkout function, you can offer an independent library at an indoor location of your choice. All you need is a network cable and power outlet. This way you can, in these times of reduced budgets, maintain or even extend the library’s reach significantly.

Its transparent doors which are equipped with an electronic lock that can easily be opened by presenting a patron card to a badge reader. The patron takes the books he or she wants and just closes the door again. After closing the door, the LibCabinet prints out a receipt which tells the customer exactly which books he or she has taken and when they need to be returned. Returning a book is equally simple: present the card – open the door – return the book.

The intuitive user interface gives your customers all the information they need. An integrated thermal printer provides the patron a receipt of all transactions that have taken place so they can always check what they have returned to or have checked out from the library.

The LibCabinet communicates over the industry protocol SIP. This means that all lending traffic is fed back to your library management system.

The LibCabinet software has a maintenance mode with full of features. While in maintenance mode you can for example perform a full inventory and print out inventory result with a printer. LibCabinet can be connected to P.V. Supa centralized management software which will give you all reporting and remote control functionalities that are familiar from other software made by P.V. Supa.

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