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LibMaster Ergo | P.V. SUPA

LibMaster Ergo

Most popular self-check unit at the libraries

LibMaster Ergo self-check unit has been designed for user-friendliness and ergonomic use. The unit is installed in an electrically height adjustable table, making it ergonomic to use for children and disabled persons.

LibMaster Ergo is extremely easy to use, space saving and ergonomically designed for libraries of all sizes. The unit is available in six different design options. The size of the table can be changed according to the needs and available space in the library.

The units are available in multiple materials and colour choices. All materials are made for heavy use in public places. LibMaster Ergo self-check unit can also be integrated into existing library furniture.











P.V. Supa self-check units have a guaranteed finish, achieved by using high quality materials and hi-tech solutions. All hardware – computers, RFID readers, receipt printer – is integrated into the furniture.

LibMaster Ergo uses LibRid 3 software as user interface. LibRid 3 is a state-of-the-art software, built on the latest technologies. It allows for a very long lifespan for the device, with versatility and new features being actively developed.

LibRid 3 has a simple and intuitive user interface that guides the patrons through the check in and check out processes. The software also supports many other functions, such as account information and renewal of loans. Sorting is supported with check in, allowing libraries to define specific handling of certain material, such as reserved items.

The software supports multiple languages, of which four can be active at a time. All texts on screen and on receipts can be modified by the library with easy-to-use tools made for that exact purpose.

LibRid 3 software has a remote management capability, allowing all settings to be controlled from any computer within the library network. In addition to settings, statistical reporting can also be created from any computer at any time, using a reporting tool that is included. Reports can be exported into various formats.

P.V. Supa self-check units are fully compatible with all common library systems, using a standard SIP 2 interface. LibMaster Ergo is also compatible with RFID item identification and security.

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